Brothers and Sisters!!

A belated Happy Easter to you all! I hope it was a good one. I'm not going near saying any egg related puns, like "I hope it was egg-cellent" because that would really pis...oh, bollocks!!

Anyway, I hope you are refreshed and ready for whatever it is you cats should be ready for.

Me, I've been pumping away at stuff as usual and was filming part of a documentary back in my home town, the mighty MAIDSTONE! Was a lot of fun going round my hood and reliving my youth. Fun times.

Between that and promotions I've been found down in the Underground, busking away. I cannot get enough of it, I seriously love every minute down there singing to the great London public. I honestly think it is the purest and best way for me to either hone material or try out new stuff. The folks in the Underground are there to do one thing: get from A to B. So, if I happen to make them stop, see them dance, watch a smile come across their face or put their hands in their pockets to dig for cash I know I am connecting with them. Just last night I was at Tottenham Court Road and I played my, soon to be released, first single London Lives and I not only had hoardes of people clapping and dancing, whilst simultaneously carrying 50 Primark bags each, but even the station staff and cleaners were doing a jig!

I mean, that has got to say something, right?!

The lovely comments these Londoners give me as well, relaly spur me on. I got this tweet from someone that passed by me playing:

*Doesn't happen very often, but just got stopped in my tracks in Central London after hearing amazing voice*

I mean...come on!! It's comments like this that really makes me love what I can do. I've been stopped in my tracks by a voice. I've been made to feel an emotion through a song I've heard. I've wanted to dance like no one is watching when a particular song rings out. And so to be doing that myself, to be able to connect and get inside people, when they just want to get home from work or they have had a miserable day etc, is unbelievable!

So, remember support those Buskers that you pass. Doesn't always have to be by putting cash into the hat (I've had coffee, curries, condoms and peoples numbers as alternatives!!) a smile, a dance, a lovely comment...they all count, believe!!!


London Lives is released on 26th May 2014

Park Life

Brothers and Sisters!!

How are we all? Isn't it lovely here in the UK? Long may the sun shine!

With the imminetent release of the London Lives single (26th May) I thought it pretty fitting to be basking in the sunshine down by Big Ben yesterday afternoon as I watched the London Marathon unfold.It really made me apprecite why I love this city so much and why I am utterly convinced it is the greatest in the world.

Londoners get a lot of stick for being miserable, moody and untalkative, but this is just lazy, sweeping genralisations. Everyone is more than happy to talk to whoever, so long as it is not 7am on the way to work. Of course we have no interest at that time becasue we are no doubt nursing a hangover from the night before becasue spending half your time in a pub is part and parcel of London life. If you think Londoners are moody, it's because you've approached them at a really annoying time! I love how the crowds at the marathon would cheer and shout encouragement to thsoe that were struggling the most. Londoners pull together and want to help out those less fortunate. Which, also leads on to the only place in the world I have been to where you get on a bus or a train and it will be filled with every race, creed, colour, age and sexuality and NO-ONE blinks an eye. NO-ONE cares. NO-ONE takes offence. This city is the most culturely diverse place I have ever been too and I am very proud of that.

And why else is London so amazing? Well, we have the most amount of music shows in the world, providing 32,000 gigs a year. Or 87 shows a day! We have Brixton Academy, the greatest indoor venue in the world. AND we of course have had some of the worlds greatest musical artists come from here.

Not only that but when the sun comes out, (like it is now, the cities parks come to life with booze, barbeques and beat boxes. There is no place I'd rather be, believe!